Our Mission, Purpose and Legacy

WFUR Christian Radio exists to give glory to God and to help believers in their walk with Him. We have been proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ for over 63 years in West Michigan, and by God's Grace we hope to continue in our mission. WFUR airs over 100 Bible teaching programs or church services every week. We play thousands of songs incorporating many musical styles and Christian artists, and all of our programming has one goal: to praise our gracious God and Savior.

We play a wide variety of music, not just the top 30 popular songs over and over. So many of our listeners listen for long stretches of time, and they appreciate the variety of Christian music we play.

Our on-air personalities and staff are positive role models, encouraging listeners to help others and support local ministries, Christian businesses, and churches. We also partner with area Christian schools and colleges to broadcast sporting events.

Since we are a commercial radio station, we rely on advertisers to help us pay our bills.

We are grateful to God and to the programs who support this ministry. We ask our listeners to write or contact and financially support the programs heard on WFUR christian radio. Also, consider buying from the businesses that advertise with us. We are thankful for our advertisers, who play a vital part in our continuing broadcasts. If you own a business and are serious about following Jesus, please help us encourage and tell others about him too. The reason (purpose) WFUR continues is to do what Jesus commanded. He that believeth in me hath everlasting life. (John 6:47)
WFUR is located at 399 Garfield Rd., Grand Rapids, MI 49504 • Studio Line: 616-451-9387 • Main Office: 616-451-9387